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Differentiated Products List

We specialize in theproduction of new functional and differentiated high-end yarns such as cotton, wool, silk, linen.polyester, viscose, Tencel TM Lyocell, modal, acrylic, nylon, chitin, graphene, acetic acid, copperammonia, etc.

Product Category Product Series
Fancy Yarn Spandex Core Spun Yarn Spandex Core Spun Yarn
Slub Yarn Slub Yarn
AB Yarn AB Yarn
Siro Spun Yarn Siro Spun Yarn
Siro Compact Yam Siro Compact Yarn
Ecological Yan Recycled Polyester Recycled Polyester/Others(TencelTM Lyocell / Modal,Viscose, Bamboo...) Blended Yarn, Recycled Cationic Polyester Blended Yan
Modal Yarn TencelTM Modal, Birla Modal, Domestic Modal
Lyocell Yarn TencelTM Lyocell(A100,G100,LF), Birla Lyocell, Domestic Lyocell, Lyocell / Others Blended Yarn
Bamboo Yarn Bamboo Yarn, Bamboo / Others Blended Yarn
Natural Yam Cotton Blended Yarn Cotton / 0thers(Recycled Polyester, Modal, Lyocell, Polyamide) Blended Yarn
Wool & Cashmere Yarn Australian Wool / Cashmere Blended Yam, Camel Wool Blended Yarn
Linen & Ramie Blended Yarn Linen(Hemp, Ramie) Blended Yarn
Functional Yarn Cool Feeling Yarn Cool Feeling Yarn: Cooimax / Mint Viscose Yarn
Warm Keeping Yarn Warm Keeping Yarn: Bulky Acrylic Yarn, Acrylic / Hollow Polyester / Coffee Carton Fiber Blended Yarn
Antibacterial Yarn Antibacterial Yarn: Graphene Fiber / Antibacterial Viseose / Antibacterial Polyester / Chitin Fiber, Chitosan Fiber / Copper Fiber, Siver Fiber / Bamboo Carbon Fiber /Cuprammonulum
Flame Retardanit Yarn Flame Retardanit Yarn: FR Polyester/FR Acrylie / Polyimide Blended Yarn