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Quality Assurance

Our company has always been committed to pursuing product quality. Our company's products are widely recognized in the cotton textile industry both domestically and internationally in China. At the same time, efforts are being made to meet environmental standards in terms of product production and management.

Raw material procurement

Before confirming the order, conduct sampling tests to determine the quality of the raw materials..


We have our own product testing laboratories in various production areas of our company, conducting comprehensive testing and research analysis on the quality of semi-finished and finished products to ensure strict compliance with customer specifications.

Inventory storage

Develop correct procedures to ensure that product quality is not compromised during storage and transportation.

Machine and equipment management

Our company's equipment management personnel will conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that machines and equipment achieve optimal performance.


Our salespeople are responsible for collecting customer suggestions and handling customer complaints in a timely and appropriate manner.

Employee quality awareness and reward and punishment system

Regular training and continuous assessment of employees, in order to further enhance their awareness of quality, a reward plan is currently implemented.

Sustainable Development

Green Intelligent Factory

Development and utilization of renewable energy: A distributed photovoltaic project with installedcapacity of about 5 megawatts, and expected to achieve emission reduction of nearly 30,000 tons ofcarbon dioxide.

The firm has reduced annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 66 tons by boosting energy conservation and enhancing energy efficiency at the technical and management levels.

Continue to promote the awareness of green and low-carbon development, design the developinent of greenindustry chain.

Innovation and recycling: Multi-party cooperation to promote circular economy, develop a high proportion ofrecycled products.

Intelligent Textile Digital Xinming

5G+industrial scenario application

The intelligent comprehensive management platform + AGV control system