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The development of China's textile industry faces six major changes and international competition becomes more intense

Xinming April 22, 2016 71 Visit

  The reporter learned from the China Textile and Apparel Federation on the 20th that the development of China's textile and apparel industry is currently facing six major changes.

  First of all, competition is fierce and the market is sluggish. Against the background of sluggish global demand, the traditional advantages of developed countries in Europe and the United States and the rapid development of emerging countries such as India and Vietnam have made international competition in the textile industry more intense.

  Secondly, the procurement pattern is becoming increasingly fragmented. In recent years, China's share in the three major markets of the United States, Japan, and Europe has continued to decline, and the trend of decentralization in international procurement has begun to emerge.

  Third, the dividends of globalization have been reduced. The dividends of globalization are being diluted with the rapid increase in regional trade agreements.

  Fourthly, China’s domestic market has undergone changes. Market demand has begun to transition from focusing on products to focusing on experience, and is sinking from urban markets to urban markets.

  Fifth, the Internet economy is rising rapidly. China's huge network economy provides market potential and an innovation platform for the textile industry. New models and new business formats in industries such as the sharing economy are constantly emerging.

  Finally, the market potential continues to increase. The general increase in residents' income, the deepening of urbanization and the rapid rise of the middle- and high-income classes have brought huge potential to the development of China's textile industry.

  The China National Textile and Apparel Industry Federation emphasized that in the future, innovation should be the first driving force to lead the development of the entire industry, and we should make full efforts to achieve structural adjustment, technological innovation, green development and industry growth.