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Siro spinning product advantages

Xinming January 16, 2024 54 Visit

Product Features:
Hairiness index: Very little, regular, more;
Softness index: hard, moderately soft, super soft;
Elasticity index: no elasticity, micro elasticity, super elasticity;
Main uses: knitting, weaving, scarf production, underwear production
Product advantages:
Using siro spinning technology, it has less hairiness, compact and even evenness, no machine jams, no threads, soft and smooth hand feeling, good skin-friendly feeling, suitable for knitting machines, uniform evenness, and stable quality. Siro spinning has a wide spinning range and stable product quality. The cotton yarn has good dryness, few defects, high strength and good shape. All technical indicators are better than the first-class yarn requirements stipulated in the latest national standards. Mainly sold to domestic textile enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, as well as the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Main features:
Siro spinning not only highlights the style of polyester but also has the advantages of cotton fabrics. It has good elasticity and wear resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage, straightness, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and fast. Due to its dry characteristics, it cannot be ironed at high temperatures or soaked in boiling water. We can do knitting and machine weaving at favorable prices. New and old customers are welcome to come and negotiate.